“Another advanced civilization existed on Earth before mankind”

One of the most prominent proponents of "unknown" ancient societies, or a "mother culture", Graham Hancock, argues that advanced civilizations lived on the Earth before humans.

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In spite of the fact that some consider it a “pseudoscience”, there are many indications that show a highly advanced civilization existed much earlier than we assume. Especially if one excludes the possibility that an extraterrestrial race has visited Earth and has been active in helping mankind to develop, as conventional science suggests. Therefore, Hancock’s ideas direct to the most sustainable result in the context of antiquity.

Historically, it has been said that early human achievements were not very advanced. Surely the great megaliths and the highly developed artifacts and knowledge of antiquity do not support that view.tiquity would not be in agreement.

So perhaps the advancements that were made around 10,000 BC could be attributed to an advanced civilization that existed previously.

Underwater and underground structures, as well as other artifacts, appear to have been made from knowledge once known, which was possibly recorded in lost ancient texts. One example of this could have been the fire at the Library of Alexandria in 48 BC, which destroyed thousands of texts. Not to mention all potential knowledge that disappeared after the Great Flood, or many Great Floods throughout history.

Structures at Göbekli Tepe indicate a society that existed over 10,000 years ago, which was one that posessed advanced knowledge before the Sumerians appeared.

It may be a more welcoming prospect than the existence of Aliens for the Ancient Astronaut theory to be “superseded” by Graham Hancock’s theory of an earlier and more advanced civilization inhabiting Earth.
What became of that amazing society? While the answer is complex, it is true that as societies reach their zenith, adversity arises. From environmental problems to overpopulation and even wars.

It should be noted that, although there is no concrete answer to this enigma, there are some current discoveries that, when coupled with past ones, can suggest that there was once an ancient and advanced civilization.

There are simply too many aspects to ignore all the evidence that has been gathered across the years. All we need to do is look at the evidence written in stone.

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