Myths and Legends: The Namlu’u and the first giants who lived on Earth

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An artist's rendering of a giant being. Depositphotos.

If we take a look at the countless myths and legends that have existed throughout history, we can always find one specific story speaking of ancestral and prehistoric humanity who existed on this world during a golden age that flourished during a time when history as we know it was not even recorded. One specific legend refers to mysterious beings called the Namlu’u. These creatures, who did not resemble humans, are thought to have inhabited our world before humans ever “arrived”

These beings were a giant androgynous race, described as having massive elongated skulls and dark skin and black eyes.

Their hair was the color of fire, and they exuded wisdom, compassion, and love. Genetics from numerous star races contributed to the creation of this race, but that of Orion was most dominant.

Through their semi-etheric bodies, they were able to materialize and dematerialize with the Merkaba, the individual Light Field. The fire of the Divine and essence of the Khaa flowed through their veins; they were multidimensional beings.

Merkaba can also be translated as “Link between Soul and Spirit” in Egyptian, as the Hebrew word means “chariot”.

It is believed that the Sumerians used the word Naml’u to describe this primordial, long-lost species.

Later, it was used to refer to the Sumerians, the first humans in Mesopotamia to come into contact with “gods”.

With the arrival of the Anunna on Earth, the Namlu’u departed our dimension.

They were strange beings with unusual abilities. Kadištu, who planted life on earth, created them all at once. As the Keepers of the Earth, they provided support and protection for the planet.

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