The Train That is Said To have Vanished and Traveled Back in Time

The story claims that there was a train that vanished one day without leaving a trace. The colossal machine was thought to have somehow managed to travel through time and space.

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Fog train tracks and a mystical light

It all began on June 14, 1911. The Zanetti railway company hosted that day the inaugural trip of a luxury train for the upper class of Italian society.

There were scenic views along this route, which went through a tunnel in the Mountains of Lombardy that was Europe’s longest tunnel at the time. According to the story, the first hour of the trip passed smoothly. The service received high praise from wealthy passengers, who were delighted with the whole experience.

The disappearing train

After entering the tunnel, the train never emerged. Meanwhile, crowds of onlookers looked on in disappointment as the luxurious machine disappeared into the darkness. Reporters began to assume a variety of scenarios after waiting for a long time. The train was thought to have broken down or been involved in an accident that prevented it from moving forward.

Authorities organized a search team, and men were sent into the tunnel tasked with exploring the tunnel from beginning to end. However, they did not find a single trace of the train, passengers, or crew.
Witnesses stated that the train never came out of that tunnel. However, the authorities insisted that the train would not simply disappear into the mountains. 

In a subsequent search, the crew discovered two dazed passengers walking around in the tunnel with minor injuries.

A time-traveling train?

A series of unexplained events caused them to panic and they jumped off the train. The passengers that were rescued revealed how a loud buzzing was heard just before they entered the tunnel.

The train was soon engulfed in thick fog. Passengers were in a panic following these events, who were enjoying the trip up until that moment. 

Strange accounts have been offered by those who have tried to explain what happened. 400 years ago, a monk in Modena kept an account of the events. The monk described seeing a huge metal tube full of people dressed in strange clothes.

According to one account, a Mexican doctor once treated 104 Italians in strange clothes in 1845. They all claimed to be from Rome and had come by train.

According to reports, one of those people carried a cigarette pack with a 1907 date.
There is another report from 1955 that describes a train passing through the Ukrainian town of Zavalichi. According to the worker, the train appeared out of nowhere and ran over some unfortunate chickens.

A train full of passengers in old clothes passed through Pune, India, in 1955. By 1991 it is said to have appeared in Poltava, another town in Ukraine. Romania, Russia, and Germany have all been mentioned as possible locations for the interdimensional train. In most of these stories, the vehicles don’t even appear on the tracks.

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