NASA photographed remnants of an ancient Martian wall, researcher says

A NASA image of the red planet shows what appear to be ancient ruins, clearly visible on the surface of the red planet, claim Martian anomaly hunters.

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An image of the Curiosity Rover showing an alleged wall on Mars.
Is this a wall on Mars?

Images captured by the Curiosity Rover on April 4, 2016, show the mysterious structure that UFO hunters say resembles many ruins on Earth. As with buildings on Earth, you can also see rows of partitions like a dilapidated room or rectangular building. According to skeptics, this is simply stones or an illusory effect called pareidolia.

Instead, UFO and ancient alien experts are convinced that the images taken by the NASA Rover once again indicate the presence of ancient alien settlements. The author of the lavishly illustrated book Ancient Alien on Mars, researcher, and writer Mike Bara, believes that Mars once hosted a technologically advanced civilization. A civilization like this would have been exterminated by its own cataclysm, then resettled on Earth and started over.

In the book, the author describes Mars as once being green and teeming with life, like Earth. “Perhaps these ancient martian ruins, which have been discovered in images taken by explorers on Mars’ surface, are remnants of almost intact monuments and temples left by survivors of this catastrophe, which NASA doesn’t want to disclose.”

The various rovers and orbiters currently exploring Mars have made sensational discoveries claim UFO hunters.

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