Garry Nolan: “UFOs may be controlled from another dimension”

The renowned microbiologist and pathologist Garry Nolan, who teaches at Stanford University and is an expert on UFOs, surprised the world by declaring that they may come from another dimension.

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Artist's rendering of al alternative dimension or parallel universe. Depositphotos.
Artist's rendering of al alternative dimension or parallel universe. Depositphotos.

Maybe there is a multidimensional reality and whatever is driving those ships sits in another dimension; being the phenomenon of something that basically gives a touch to our reality but is moved from another side.

Curt Jaimungal interviewed Professor Nolan for his Theories of Everything channel. He discussed evidence of UFOs, artificial consciousness, and the Havana syndrome among other topics. A topic that has been debated in recent years within UFOlogy was raised by the professor in the last few minutes. UFOs and their crews could be projections from an alternate dimension, explained Nolan.

It is very likely that a civilization with a technology millions of years more advanced than humans could project material objects. Ships described in the sightings are a clear example of this. Even though he would like to believe that this object moves according to the laws of physics in our three-dimensional world, he thinks it most likely does not.

It is unlikely that these UFOs would have any functionality here. They operate on the other end of the spectrum. Jaimungal compared this analogy to one used by Carl Sagan to explain the fourth dimension.

Flatland is a two-dimensional world inside of which an astronomer imagines an interaction between a person from the third dimension and its inhabitants. A creature with three dimensions could not be fully appreciated because only two dimensions exist. We can only see the cross-section that intersects with the plane.

It could also explain why no propulsion has been observed in many sightings, according to Nolan, considering they are coming from another dimension.

“If what I just said is true, we should prepare for disappointment. Because if we get some of these ships back we might never find out how they work, because the engine that drives them is not here, and the force that drives them is not here.”

To put it mildly, this is a curious hypothesis that could lead to many contradictions. You should watch the full interview and draw your own conclusion about UFOs and their origin from another dimension from Nolan’s words.

But perhaps this is their entire purpose, to be seen by a civilization not as advanced as theirs. So that humans understand that there are other intelligences out there.

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