“The US Congress Has Secretly Viewed HD Footage Of UFOs”

These videos would leave no doubt about the non-terrestrial origin of UFOs and their occupants.

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An artist's rendering of a UFO. Depositphotos.
An artist's rendering of a UFO. Depositphotos.

UFO videos filmed by the US Navy have not been characterized by having the highest definition. Some have been filmed in infrared, making identifying objects in question difficult.

The lack of “quality” footage of UFOs has led many to question whether these objects are in fact evidence of advanced alien civilizations.

Nevertheless, Luis Elizondo said in a very interesting interview that “high-resolution, highly convincing photos and videos” exist, and have already appeared in classified briefings to Congress.

Exactly this fact would have paved the way for senators like Marco Rubio and Kirsten Gillibrand to take control of the issue of unidentified aerial phenomena out of the Pentagon and hold an office of UFOs subject to Senate oversight that is now required to file unclassified reports every year.

The politicians who have recently raised the UFO issue are not stupid; they are very intelligent and will not risk their political careers,” Elizondo said.

The former official of the secret AATIP program argues that the materials have not yet been exposed because they are arriving in fragments and are unconnected as if the pipes of a building need to be connected to let the information flow to the public.

The F-18 pilots are not the only ones who are filming these things; radar data from an Air Force base nearby, a control tower there, or a satellite tracking certain atmospheric conditions, like NOAA, may also be obtained.

“We have to assemble layers of information before presenting the entire report to individuals with security credentials,” he said.

Lastly, Elizondo noted that two more UFO incidents occurred recently in different areas of operations between the Navy and the Air Force. You can see the full interview below, conducted by Ryan Robbins of the Post Disclosure World channel.

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